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maple oats

maple oats

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Our Maple Oats soap bar boasts a rich blend of oat milk and colloidal oats for a gentle exfoliating experience. Enhanced with the warmth of maple syrup, it combines higher percentages of shea and cocoa butter for exceptionally gentle cleansing. Free from added fragrances or essential oils, it's ideal for sensitive skin types. Plus, the inclusion of maple syrup not only lends a sweet scent but also boosts lather thanks to its natural sugars.

Each bar is approximately 4.5 ounces/128 grams. Bars are hand cut and can vary slightly in size, pattern and color. Thanks for shopping!


olive oil
coconut oil*
distilled water
sodium hydroxide
almond oil*
shea butter*
cocoa butter*
sunflower oil*
oat milk*
castor oil*
colloidal oatmeal
maple syrup
kaolin clay
sodium lactate

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