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herbal balm

herbal balm

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Our soothing Herbal Balm is made with a rich infusion of Organic Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Ginger, Lavender, and Sage in Virgin Olive Oil. By allowing these flowers to slowly infuse in the oil, we are able to extract many of their healing properties and blend them into this great all purpose Balm. We've also added Calendula Oil, a beneficial floral infusion for providing moisture to dry hands, cuticles, feet, and elbows. It provides a bit of extra care to burns, cuts, and other injuries. This Lemon and Lavender lightly scented balm is highly moisturizing and a little bit goes a long way. At your desk or on the go this tin will keep your lips, hands, and body happy 



herb infused olive oil
avocado oil
shea butter
mango butter
calendula oil
lavender essential oil
lemon essential oil

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