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sweet orange chamomile

sweet orange chamomile

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This special bar smells of warm chamomile tea with a juicy slice of orange. Chamomile is a subtle scent, so the olive oil is infused for weeks with chamomile flowers. Fresh brewed chamomile tea is substituted for water, to add extra long lasting fragrance.

Our soap bar is naturally colored with orange peel powder and kaolin clay. Calendula leaves are sprinkled through out and on top.

Priced per individual bar. Each bar is approximately 4 ounces/114 grams. Bars are hand cut and can vary slightly in size, pattern and color. Thanks for shopping!


coconut oil

chamomile infused extra virgin olive oil

sunflower oil

chamomile tea

sodium hydroxide

shea butter

castor oil

orange powder

kaolin clay

calendula petals

essential oils

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