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pacific grove

pacific grove

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Our lavender rosemary soap bar smells like a calming walk through a coastal herb garden. Fragrant lavender essential oil and herbal rosemary essential oil are classic complimentary scents. This essential oil combination has the aromatherapy benefits of being calming and clarifying to soothe and refresh the mind and spirit.

Lavender Fields is colored with natural Brazilian purple clay, French green clay, kaolin clay and spinach powder. Clay soaps provide a detox for the skin. The clay penetrates deep into the pores and absorbs dirt and oils. Unlike many cleansing products, clay does not deprive the skin of any moisture and cleans very gently.

Priced per individual bar. Each bar is approximately 4 ounces/114 grams. Bars are hand cut and can vary slightly in size, pattern and color. Thanks for shopping!


coconut oil

extra virgin olive oi

sunflower oil

distilled water

sodium hydroxide

shea butter

castor oil

brazilian purple clay

french green clay

spinach powder

lavender essential oil

rosemary essential oil

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